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The Walcha Rotary Club is planning to build a small shelter at a roadside rest area on the northern entrance to Walcha for the use of day visitors and overnight campers.  The project has the approval and support of Walcha Council as well as a Community Building Partnership grant from the NSW State Government.

The shelter will be built using the remnants of an old shepherd’s hut built on Winterbourne Station in the 1800s together with posts and beams recovered from old timber bridges in the local area.

Construction is expected to commence in September 2021 and be completed two months later.

Location of proposed shelter at the intersection of Thunderbolts Way and Ohio North Road.

Site of the shelter

Fitting the steel connections to the timber columns

The club website has been two years in the making and has gone through several iterations. Building on feedback from site viewers, the website now has an easy-to-read, user-friendly interface.

The website includes a history timeline that includes a record of club projects.

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